I agree that I will comply with the MTB Code of Conduct as follows:

  • At all times display the Trail Pass on the front of the bike
  • Access to the Trails are from sunrise to sunset only
  • Behave in such a way as to leave the terrain/property the way it was found
  • Respect private property and obey instructions from owners or employees at all times
  • Obey all property owners notice boards and symbol signs
  • Will ride only on approved roads in approved properties and abide by all restrictions imposed.
  • Understand that to traverse SAN Parks property you require a valid Day or Annual Pass
  • Will not damage, remove or interfere with any beacon, boundary marker, fence, notice board or
    other structures
  • Will not leave any litter, refuse or empty containers anywhere on rides.
  • No smoking on rides and will not dispose of any tobacco products
  • Will not light fires under any circumstances
  • Will not interfere with wildlife, remove vegetation or deface, carve or scratch trees or rocks
  • Will not feed or hunt animals
  • No swimming or fishing is permitted
  • Will not bring any pets onto private property
  • Be the “eyes & ears” of the Forest Manager… SMS any observations of property damage, unauthorized
    activity or garbage dumping in the forest to the relevant Forest Manager (Cell No’s on the back of
    bike board)
  • Understand that any violation of this code of conduct could result in suspension and/or cancellation of
    trail privileges and personal liability for any damages cause